VYIE (ˈvī-ə) is the name of a darkly inspirational non-fiction character. VYIE is a four-letter-word. VYIE is a band.

Stories, told through VYIE, may be histories or future perspectives, events from the past or events that haven’t happened yet, and some may be present perspectives. But for more than the entertainment of her wild, imaginative stories, Jessi Monroe and Janey Criss use VYIE as a platform for bringing deathpop (an eskimonic sub-genre characterized by its electronic backbone and layers of darker, melodic clouds) to the forefront of independent music, where sounds are reviewed, discussed and analyzed.

The goal for VYIE on record is to take each song forward, into and through various methods of design. These methods include pairing digital elements with analog ones. Joined by drummer Alec Yeager, the goal of VYIE live is to take each song backward, beyond technical construction and artistic conception, in order to explore each meaning attentively and thematically.

To digress, VYIE began in March of 2012, when friends and protagonists of a like-minded cause – Janey and Jessi – stole three days from their lives of post-wizardry and fashioning, of sorts, in order to conduct a musical writing experiment. The result was an assuming product for the formulaic concoction at hand: boisterous synths, curious minors, acoustic elements, playful rhythms and thick, resolute vocals. Shortly following the experiment, Alec Yeager was invited to add thoughtful battery to the equation. Logistics were discussed, and VYIE became.

VYIE is a band that writes experimental, synth pop hooks and vocal clouds that take you on journeys in the dark, where reality and fantasy bleed into one another and visions begin.